Zildjian K0800 K Zildjian Cymbal Set


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Zildjian's K Series Pack cymbal package adds the classic sound of K Series cymbals to your kit! The K Zildjian Pack includes a 14" K HiHat pair, a 16" K Dark Thin Crash, and a great-sounding 20" K Ride. Plus, Zildjian sweetens the deal with a free 18" K Series Dark Crash! The cymbals in the K Zildjian Pack give you deep, shimmering sounds that work incredibly well for a wide vareity of styles. The traditional finish will develop a fine patina over time, contributing to the complex tonal character. The storied history of Zildjian goes back more than 380 years; here's your chance to make some history of your own, with the Zildjian K Series Pack!


- Cast bronze

- Category: K Zildjian Series

- K HiHat pair

- 16" K Dark Thin Crash

- 20" K Ride

- Bonus 18" K Dark Crash

- Weight: M

- Finish: Traditional finish


- Series:K Zildjian

- Ride:K0817 20" K Ride

- Crash 1 :K0902 16" K Dark Crash Thin

- Crash 2 :K0904 18" K Dark Crash Thin

- Hi Hats:K0823 14" K Hi-hats

- Material:B20, Cast Bronze

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