MEINL Cymbals MCS Complete Cymbal Set (14 Med HH, 16 Med Crash, 20 Med Ride)


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Founded by Roland Meinl in 1951 and initially producing wind instruments, the first MEINL cymbals appeared in 1952 and were cut from large metal sheets, hammered, lathed and drilled by hand by Roland Meinl himself, who then personally transported them, on the luggage carrier of his bicycle, to the railway station for shipment. MEINL has since gone from such humble origins to become a world leader in percussion instruments. MEINL MCS Series Cymbals are the standard for today’s ambitious drummer. Precision crafted in Germany of pro-level bronze alloy with a traditional finish, these harmonically matched cymbals are durable and versatile and provide the best sound at an unbeatable price. The MCS splash is great for adding bright and quick accents.


  • Styles: Rock, Pop

  • Timbre: Bright

  • Character: Powerful, Full-bodied

  • Pitch: High

  • Volume: Medium

  • Sustain: Medium

  • Weight: Medium

  • Finish: Traditional

  • Material: B8

  • Lathe: Wide Blade

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