Marshall JTM45 2245 30W Reissue Tube Guitar Amp Head


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The very first Marshall amp, made back in 1962, was the JTM45. It was an instant hit and launched a whole new generation of groundbreaking guitarists and their unique tone. Since then, connoisseurs of tone have sought out rare original JTM45s from the ?60s. The search can finally end, thanks to this meticulously accurate re-issue.

It was GZ34 rectification that was the key to the JTM45?s sound, and this is a feature painstakingly reproduced in this re-issue. The way the rectifier interacts with the other tubes causes subtle harmonics to shift and smoulder beneath every note, producing that unmistakable, original, and much emulated Marshall sound.


  • EQ: Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume 1, Volume 2

  • Inputs: 1

  • Model: JTM45

  • No. of Channels: 2

  • Total Power: 30watts

  • Tube: 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83, 2 x 5881

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