Marshall 120W 4x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet (MG Series)


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Straight Cabinet MG412BG

Sleek and stylish, the 120w MG412 series are 4x12” cabinets finished with beautiful gold piping. They are fitted with custom Celestion G12-412MG speakers, designed to emphasise your sound and deliver the crunch you desire. The cabinets can be paired with the MG100HFX.

  • Bold finish – this is definitely a cabinet that will shine on stage

  • Epic sound – the four Celestion speakers deliver that great Marshall sound


Angled Cabinet MG412AG

Nothing produces that classic "British" sound like a Marshall amplifier, whether it's a combo or head and cab configuration. The Marshall MG412AG 4 x 12" extension cabinet is voiced especially for MG100HGFX heads. However, regardless what amp head you use, the 120W, 8 ohm rated MG412AG extension cabinet is a serious contender for almost any guitar rig if you want to push air with the tone and power Marshall is known for and with its angled design it delivers maximum sound projection. Built with the same attention to detail that earned Marshall their reputation as one of the finest amp builders out there, from the roadworthy construction housing the four 12" Celestion Celestion G12-412MG speakers, to the heavy duty carbon Tolex covering, the MG412AG is ready for some serious gigging.

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