Gibson IMAS-NH Angus Young Signature Humbucker Pickup w/Nickel Cover


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Humbuckers do not all sound alike, despite the common misconception that they do. Gibson has a range of humbucking pickups available, each model with it's own distinctive personality. Angus Young is one of the most recognizable figures in rock and roll. As the lead guitarist for AC/DC, he personified the pure essence of hard rock guitar playing for over four decades, and his faithful Gibson SG produces that elusive rock and roll crunch tone that so many try to emulate. Today he plays an SG loaded with his own Angus Young Signature humbucking pickups. And now you can load your own guitar with those very same pickups. With its enamel coated wire, special Alnico V magnet and matching coils, this Angus Young bridge position humbucker has classic nickel plated covers and is wax potted twice to eliminate microphonic feedback and unwanted noise. Angus Young doesn't compromise when it comes to his pickups. Nor should you!

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