Fender Super Bassman Amplifier Head, 230V UK


Sale priceRM8,870.00 MYR


Fender's commitment to the highest quality extends to every product that bears the name and sports the famous logo, from guitars to amps to accessories and their extensive range of gifts and lifestyle products. Claiming its place among the lost legendary bass amps, , Fender's Super Bassman is a 300-watt, all-tube bass amp head that employs modern technology to maximize classic Fender tube vibe. Powered by six 6550s, this stadium-level head sports tasty mid-'60s Fender Blackface styling and two footswitchable channels: Vintage for classic Fender warmth, and Overdrive for the aggressive sound of a modern active stack. Fender also added in some modern touches such as Automatic Bias, which constantly monitors and automatically re-biases tubes for optimal performance (and even alerts you when service is required) and an XLR direct out. If you need an arena-scorching bass amp, check out Fender's Super Bassman.

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