Fender Mustang V Guitar Amplifier Head, Black


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The Fender Mustang V Guitar Amplifier Head packs in 12 amp models preset taken from a huge 12 different amp models. From that vintage ‘Fender sparkle' to some hectic metal distortion, the Mustang IV delivers one hell of a punch. The amp head has added new features to one of Fender's best-selling amps ever, increasing the versatility and grunt of the Mustang series - combine the head with the Fender Mustang V 4x12 cabinet and enjoy the killer digital amp-modelling stack that results. Continuously raising the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle, the Mustang IV has beefed things up in adding a stomper five new amp models, intelligent pitch shifting and XLR stereo outputs. Featuring USB connectivity and high-quality Fender FUSE software, the guitarist has a large playground of sounds and creative options to explore and play in.

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