Arturia V Collection 6


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Arturia V Collection 6

V Collection 6 represents a landmark in the title’s history, with the addition of 4 sensational, iconic instruments, bringing the total number of synth and keyboard recreations to 21. 

Using their exclusive True Analog Emulation® & physical modelling technology, Arturia’s engineers, developers, and sound designers have been able to recreate the creme de la creme of keyboard instruments. Instruments that have shaped the course of popular music for over a century. From illustrious, historic pianos to revolutionary digital synths, glorious organs to analog masterpieces, and everything in between; for the serious retro instrument fan, V Collection 6 is the only choice. 

V Collection 6 also includes Synclavier V, B-3 V, Stage-73 V, Farfisa V, Mini V, Matrix-12 V, Solina V, SEM V, Wurli V, Jup-8 V, ARP 2600 V, CS-80 V, Prophet V, VOX Continental V, and Modular V. Analog synths galore, revolutionary digital synths, luscious organs, modular marvels, perfect pianos and keyboards, and even a string machine.


  • 4 legendary keyboards: BUCHLA EASEL V, DX7 V, CLAVINET V, CMI V
  • Titles updated: ANALOG LAB 3, PIANO V 2

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