After spending 8 years growing up in Cambodia where she completed her Diploma in Teaching, Ally returned to Malaysia to further pursue her music education at Sunway University. Although she is in the second year of her degree, she has been enjoying teaching and watching her students grow in their skills and also their passion for music. Outside of classes, she dabbles in songwriting, audio engineering and her newfound love for theatre.


Teh Yoong Wei is a composer/arranger and musician based in Kuala Lumpur. Started her early music training around the age of 7, as A classically trained trombonist who performed for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO), KLPAC Orchestra, Kuala Lumpur City Opera Orchestra and brass chamber groups. Her journey in jazz started with the UPSI Big Band, leading her to more opportunities to play for the Big Band of Penang, Big Band Story, Julian Chan Jazz Orchestra, and UM Big Band at international jazz festivals. Asides from that the electric organ and studied modern piano as her secondary instrument during her Bachelor's Degree in music composition at ASWARA, with jazz pianist James Boyle. Her strength in music theory and jazz harmony is an advantage for her to teach music theory during piano lessons at all levels. Moreover, her experience in teaching early years music programs for kids at age 2 - 5 years old has allowed her to design a piano lesson plan that is more suitable for children. She believes that every child can learn faster when he/she is having fun.