“The potential for the saxophone is unlimited”


Build authentic skills

Develop the woodwind skills that are specific to your instrument and authentic to the performer you want to be.

Explore diverse repertoire

A unique sound that captures audience’s heart. The sound of a Saxophone can easily be identified and stands out easily from its distinctive tone among the rest. The discipline required to master this instrument is known to be intense. Listening skills & melodic taste will be the main factor we imbue in our student to master an instrument of class such as this.

Discover pieces across a variety of styles and genres, and explore the directions you could take with your music-making.

Benefit from industry expertise

Use the syllabus, supporting books and online resources, developed with prominent brass players, to explore our exams and see where they can take you. We offer woodwind and jazz woodwind exams from Grade 1 to 8. An initial exam (available for flute, clarinet and recorderin the woodwind syllabus) acts as an introduction to the exam system for new performers.


The saxophone may be a suitable choice for you if you desire the complexity of a classical instrument with the expressiveness of a non-classical instrument! The saxophone is mostly considered a jazz instrument. However, it is frequently used in band and orchestra ensembles. In addition, a wide range of classical music has also been written for the saxophone. No matter your age, it’s never too late to start learning the saxophone. We can assist you whether you are just starting out, preparing for solo and ensemble auditions, school band auditions, or simply want to learn to play a cool instrument! We will cover many aspects of technique and musicality during our saxophone class Malaysia. Sound growth, breath control, reading music, improvisation, music theory, and other skills are examples. At Major Music, our instructors will customize lessons to your musical interests and objectives! To know more about our saxophone class Malaysia, scroll down.


The Woodwind 2017-2022 Syllabus

  • Wide range of repertoire featuring a variety of styles and periods, with the option to play an own composition
  • Technical work develops a range of instrument-specific skills: as an alternative to scales & arpeggios, at lower grades candidates can opt to play specially-written exercises focusing on specific areas of technique; at higher grades candidates can opt to demonstrate technique through orchestral extracts
  • Graded books for flute and clarinet featuring a wide range of accompanied and unaccompanied pieces, with audio demo versions and accompaniments
  • A choice of supporting tests, including a unique improvisation option allowing learners to specialise according to their own unique interests and strengths

The Jazz Woodwind 2017-2022 Syllabus (Available for flute, clarinet and saxophone)

  • Wide range of repertoire including well-known jazz standards alongside a range of other jazz styles, and offering plenty of opportunities to develop improvisation skills
  • Technical work develops a range of jazz-specific skills: scales & arpeggios explore modes, pentatonics, blues and jazz scales, while candidates can alternatively demonstrate technique through exercises or studies
  • A choice of supporting tests, including a unique improvisation option allowing learners to specialise according to their own unique interests and strengths

Further information

At the end of the syllabus’ validity a one year overlap arrangement will be in place, during which time candidates may offer pieces and technical work requirements from this syllabus until 31 December 2022. Full details (including our procedures, syllabus requirements, what to expect, and what to bring with you) can be found in our Information & Regulations.


Graded Music Exams

Rockschool music qualifications are tailor-made for the contemporary musician. Ranging from introductory grades to advanced levels of study, RSL Awards’ graded music exams ensure hard work is rewarded regardless of age or previous musical experience.

Whether you are taking your first steps on your instrument, moving into further/higher education, or perfecting your advanced instrument technique; a Rockschool qualification will not only improve your playing ability, but expand your technical proficiency and give you a solid grasp of music theory – all whilst learning some of the most iconic tracks from the world of popular music.

Ability to Specialise

For every Bass Grade, students can plot their stylistic specialism, developing an in-depths in-depth understanding of the type of playing they identity with, whether  this is pop, rock, metal, blues, country, funk, jazz or reggae.

Free Choice Pieces

In addition to the 6 pieces on offer in each of our Grade Books, students are also able to choose two Free Choice Pieces that can serve as performance pieces for the exam.

Exciting Repertoire

Hand-picked tunes from some of the world's biggest artists across a diverse range of genres, the Rockschool Bass repertoire provide students with an expansive song choice to use in their exam and for their own enjoyment.

Downloadable Audio

Download all backing tracks, examples performances and practice materials direct from us at

UCAS Points

For Grades 6, 7 and 8, you can supersize your university application, with up to 30 UCAS points awarded at Grade 8.

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“I hope girls can see through me that it ‘s easy to become musician”





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We highly encourage all our students to participate in Stage performances. Playing in a band and working with groups requires engagement and team work. Every stage performance requires confidence and connections to work which are key values to be successful in life.

Anybody who can communicate is ready to learn music under us. It is crucial that our teachers and students are able to communicate properly at a universal language in order to share knowledge.

Major Music is a multi scale music centre that sells musical instruments as well. If you’re looking to buy any musical instruments, we have our knowledgable staff and teachers that will guide you into what’s in necessary to start. You won’t go wrong under our guidance.

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