Teh Yoong Wei is a Kuala Lumpur-based composer, arranger, and performer. A classically educated trombonist who began her early musical instruction around the age of 7, she played for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO), KLPAC Orchestra, Kuala Lumpur City Opera Orchestra, and brass chamber groups. Her jazz career began with the UPSI Big Band, which gave her the opportunity to perform in international jazz festivals for the Big Band of Penang, Big Band Story, Julian Chan Jazz Orchestra, and UM Big Band. While pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in music composition at ASWARA, she also studied the electric organ and modern piano with jazz pianist James Boyle. She has an advantage when it comes to teaching music theory during piano lessons at all levels because of her expertise in jazz harmony and theory. Additionally, she has been able to create a piano lesson plan that is better suited for kids because of her expertise in teaching early years music programmes for children between the ages of 2 and 5. She thinks that having fun will help every youngster learn more quickly. She was motivated by her role models and mentors in the music industry to earn a bachelor’s degree in music (composition), and she is currently working for a master’s degree in jazz. She feels that while methods lay the groundwork for music creation, a song that touches the spirit nonetheless reigns supreme. Music must evoke strong emotions and allow for the creative process.

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