Since the age of 16, Jimmy has been playing the guitar and has over 10 years of stage performing experience from playing in independent gigs to big stages. His interest in music genres ranges from Alternative, post-rock, Japanese music, Pop Music & metal. As a teacher, He relates well with the younger generations as his interest & knowledge of geek culture knows no bounds.


Aaron K. Cargo started learning classical guitar at the age of 16. Considered a late starter, he never felt left out and enjoyed every bits of lessons and practices until he passed his ABRSM Grade 5 in a very short period of time. He quickly switched to electrical guitar and again, it is the enjoyment that fueled him to rigorous practices right until he passed his Rockschool Grade 8. Now, his journey in music has begun. He embarked into the performing line for 2 years, crafting his skills and building his network. Within the years, he formed a band call Mystical Mirage and they self produced an EP. With that achievement, the band continued to tour around Malaysia and often got invited to perform in prestigious events in Taiwan. With the experience that Aaron acquired, his teaching is very technical, fast and full of all rounded know-hows to handle studios and stages. Students often learn to play furious electrical guitar riffs with a variety of tone and colours; on the other side, his personality are gentle like classical tunes and fingerstyle sentimental love songs.

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We highly encourage all our students to participate in Stage performances. Playing in a band and working with groups requires engagement and team work. Every stage performance requires confidence and connections to work which are key values to be successful in life.

Anybody who can communicate is ready to learn music under us. It is crucial that our teachers and students are able to communicate properly at a universal language in order to share knowledge.

Major Music is a multi scale music centre that sells musical instruments as well. If you’re looking to buy any musical instruments, we have our knowledgable staff and teachers that will guide you into what’s in necessary to start. You won’t go wrong under our guidance.

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