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Who Is Timothy Voo

Timothy is an experienced and versatile bassist from Sabah, Malaysia, who has played for various genres of shows like English/Chinese pop, Jpop and rock, metal and jazz. He started his musical journey when he was 7 with the piano as his first instrument. Then gradually he began to show interest in guitar at age of 14 and started to serve in the church. However, it did not last very long until he started to show interest in another instrument, which is his main instrument now, the bass guitar. So he started picking up the bass guitar at age 16 and it led him to become a graduand of the Malaysian Institute of Arts (MIA) with a Diploma in Music on 2017. During college, he used to play in the chamber orchestra with his minor instrument, the saxophone. And he also sang in the choir for competitions and festivals.

Currently, he is a full-time performer for pubs, events and function gigs. He has performed on various big stages locally and internationally, like Taiwan Unlimited Freedom Music Fest 無限自由 2019, The Wall (Taiwan), Vietnam Japan Expo 2018, Comic Fiesta 2019, Penang SPICE Arena 2020 and etc. Besides performing, he also does recording for the bass track.

Who Is Gideon Yogan

Having grown up a choir boy and church musician, Gideon was quick to pick up and learn several instruments. However, the bass guitar was the instrument that he connected to. He drew his inspiration from a diverse variety of artists such as Victor Wooten, Michael Jackson and Marcus Miller. Pop, RnB, Rock, Blues, Fusion music and Funk are several of the genres that he often performs.

Over the years he had many opportunities to perform with many bands and in different festivals. The Publika Jazz Festival 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019; the Penang Celebrates Christmas With Jazz 2018 with Aubrey Suwito and Friends. In Cambodia and Indonesia with Evelyn Feroza and Lethrio – my bandmates, Jared Cheow and Dean Sim. Akasha in Johor Baharu for the JB Bike Fest 2019. As well as the Jamie Wilson Trio, where they perform in your everyday pubs. He also performed with Jack Thammarat, Nathaniel Townsley, Jamie Wilson, Mandric Tan, Scottie Baldwin and Kheng Long for Wang Lee Hom, David Tao, Namewee, A-Lin, and Power Station in January 2020.

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