Our Experiences

Our Experiences

Our experienced faculty, made up of active industry professionals, provide our students with valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of the music industry, including songwriting, recording, performing, touring, and networking.

In addition, we provide our students with opportunities to perform in front of live audiences, helping them to develop the stage presence, confidence, and communication skills needed for success in the music industry. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and network they need to succeed in the music industry and beyond.

We believe in pushing the boundaries and exploring newer grounds, as we help our students hone their skills and develop their own unique style and voice.

Our Teachers

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Austin Lawrence

Assistant Professor

George Barnett

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Tucker

Assistant Professor

Adam Smith

Assistant Professor

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We highly encourage all our students to participate in Stage performances. Playing in a band and working with groups requires engagement and team work. Every stage performance requires confidence and connections to work which are key values to be successful in life.

Anybody who can communicate is ready to learn music under us. It is crucial that our teachers and students are able to communicate properly at a universal language in order to share knowledge.

Major Music is a multi scale music centre that sells musical instruments as well. If you’re looking to buy any musical instruments, we have our knowledgable staff and teachers that will guide you into what’s in necessary to start. You won’t go wrong under our guidance.

We offer one on one free trial for all instruments.


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