Our approach

Our music education approach combines mentorship with active industry professionals, modern education, innovative learning, and on-stage experiences.

Mentorship with active industry professionals

We believe in the importance of mentorship with active industry professionals in music education. Our students have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who are currently working in the music industry. Our mentors offer valuable insights, guidance, and constructive feedback on various aspects of the music industry such as songwriting, recording, performing, touring, and networking. Through mentorship, our students learn how to navigate the music industry and develop skills that are essential for success.

Modern music education

Our approach to music education is modern and up-to-date with current music industry trends. We recognize the importance of teaching students about contemporary music styles, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our curriculum includes courses and programs that cover music theory, performance techniques, music production, and entrepreneurship. We focus on equipping our students with skills that are relevant in today’s music industry.

Innovative & cooperative learning

We believe that learning music should be innovative and cooperative. Our students learn in a collaborative environment, where they have the opportunity to work with and learn from their peers. Our faculty members encourage students to explore their creativity and to think outside the box. We foster an environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and experimenting with new ideas.

On stage and beyond

We recognize that music education goes beyond the classroom. Our students have the opportunity to perform on stage, in front of live audiences, which helps them develop their stage presence, confidence, and communication skills. We encourage our students to participate in music festivals, competitions, and other events to gain exposure and build their network. We also prepare our students for life beyond the music industry by teaching them valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Our Teachers

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Austin Lawrence

Assistant Professor

George Barnett

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Tucker

Assistant Professor

Adam Smith

Assistant Professor

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We highly encourage all our students to participate in Stage performances. Playing in a band and working with groups requires engagement and team work. Every stage performance requires confidence and connections to work which are key values to be successful in life.

Anybody who can communicate is ready to learn music under us. It is crucial that our teachers and students are able to communicate properly at a universal language in order to share knowledge.

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